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Reason.. Why Lesson Planning is Important

All those in the teaching line will vouch for the importance of a lesson plan. A lesson plan is a concise and organized structure which provides answers to important questions. Questions about how a teacher can maintain a standard pattern of teaching. Purpose of the lesson plan: Brilliance lie in not leaving the schedule at [...]

Back to school cybersecurity tips for parents and kids

The time to start the new school term is just around the corner. And for parents, the excitement and anxiety may be palpable, especially if it’s their kid’s first time attending a new school. Ads for back-to-school gear start as early as July, increasing in frequency and urgency until the kiddos step foot on the […]

Use of Technology in teaching

The role of technology, in a traditional school setting, is to facilitate, through increased efficiency and effectiveness, the education of knowledge and skills. In order to fully examine this thesis, we must first define several terms. Efficiency will be defined as the quickness by which we obtain knowledge, while the term effectiveness is associated with [...]

School Branding: Building Your Identity

School branding: The impact on identity and engagement At the heart of school design is campus identity. Various levels of identity and branding can be applied to a school campus and they run the gamut from the development of logo, school colors, and mascot to a complete identity manual. Branding and identity manuals are often […]

Event Planning

Why should you plan an event? Just like brevity is the sister of talent, planning is definitely akin to effective event planning. If you don’t want any hustle/bustle experiences, queues at the check-in corner, someone placing the buffet in a wrong place, and not knowing what to do about it, simply purchase a notebook and […]

Communication is Key

Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. Whether it’s a friend, significant other, parent, professor, etc., it’s necessary to have good communication, and that will lead to healthy boundaries, happiness, and overall, a mutual understanding. It sounds like the easiest thing in the world, to just tell the person how you feel and what […]

Cross Country Classroom

May 10 there was another feather in the cap, using our daily technology which we use to interact with family and friends, I used it for connecting 2 classroom across countries. Ms. Alina’s G1 teacher of Changsha WES Academy class had a Skype Classroom with Ms. Jane Sutton’s class from Udon International School in Thailand, which […]














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